A cautionary tale of credentials vs professionalism

My wife and I have had our house on the market for 6 months with very little traffic into the house and no offers. With the real estate market and economy the way it is today, its very easy to blame ‘the market’ for the length of time on market.  Its very easy to shrug […]

Recovering from Bad Customer Service

I love good customer service. Receiving excellent service from a company / person makes me feel good…it makes me happy and makes me excited to revisit that company or person for future business. The opposite is also true…I hate bad customer service.  I hate it with a passion. I understand that great people and companies […]

Pointing Fingers, Placing Blame…and losing customers

A few months ago, I joined the popular photography website 500px (you can see my portfolio here). 500px is a great website and has become a very popular destination and portfolio site for photographers with many folks proclaiming it as aserious challenger to flickr. In addition to its great layout, design and feature set when […]

Competing with Amazon

I’m a huge fan of Amazon. Over the years, more and more of my purchases have moved to Amazon. I’ve bought books, coffee, electronics, camera equipment and just about everything else you can think of.  They have everything…and they are cheap too.  Plus…..the whole free shipping (with prime membership) and no taxes makes it that […]

Spotting a professional

The word ‘professional’ is quite often overused in today’s world. There are tons of professionals out there. Professional sports players. Professional money managers. Professionals in the medical and legal industrys. Over the last 10 years, there’s been a move to make darn near every type of job a ‘professional’ type of job – “Professional” project […]

Customer Service sucks…or….the one where Eric lost his temper….

I lost my temper yesterday and a poor, helpless support representative got to hear some words that would make most folks blush. See…when someone in a support position tells me they can’t help me, i get angry. In this particular case, what tipped me over the edge and caused a couple of expletives to roll out […]

The frustrations of being “just” a customer

I really hate being “just” a customer. “Just” a customer is someone you force to call an 800 number to get service. “Just” a customer is someone that has to spend 10 minutes on the phone working through the maze of the automated phone system before talking to a real person. “Just” a customer is […]

A lesson in Customer Relations

Yesterday I spent some time going through my inbox and cleaning up a lot of email newsletters / services that I’ve subscribed to.  I think I unsubscribed from about 25 to 30 different newsletters and/or notification services. I didn’t unsubscribe willy-nilly though…I kept those that I found interesting and/or that I look forward to reading. […]

CRM tools do not equal CRM

Image by holeymoon via Flickr CRM tools do not equal CRM (yes…I know…I’ve said it twice…but it IS important). For the geeks out there, let me spell it out for you too – CRM tools != CRM. Or perhaps if you know your FORTRAN 77 (I taught it for 3 years…ugh) – CRM tools .NE. […]

Great Customer Service: Portfoliositez.com

Perhaps you’ve read my rant on Blu Domain…maybe you haven’t.  If not, feel free to click over and read it here. Well…today I’m going to praise PortfolioSitez, a Blu Domain competitor.    In our search for a web host for my wife’s photography business, a moment to keep photography, we ran across quite a few services.  […]