Consultants – do we need them?

I ran across an interesting post today titled “Why you don’t need Social Media Consultants” on the Brains on Fire Blog.  The main thesis of the post is: “social media consultants provide little value…they do nothing more than you already know how to do so you don’t need them”. In the article, Spike Jones says: … Read more

Common Sense and Technology Selection

When did common sense get removed from the corporate technology selection process? For those that don’t know what it is, technology selection is the process by which an organization decides which technology platform (software, hardware, etc) will be used for a particular application and/or piece of the business. For example, selecting an organization’s Content Management … Read more

What I’ve learned as a consultant

So here I am….a consultant. I’ve been operating independently for a while now and have come to the following conclusions: The ‘problem’ is very rarely the problem. Consulting is an art, not a science. Of course, this applies to most careers, but I think some people lose sight of this. There are many people say … Read more

Finding the Ideal Client

Everyone wants to work with the ideal client, but how many consultants and entrepreneurs out there can afford the luxury of holding out for this mythical ideal client? Read on. Anne-Marie Nichols at The Write Spot has an interesting post titled “Identifying your ideal client” that I found interesting. In the article, Anne-Marie discusses how … Read more

Trusted Advisor Associates on Trust Me

Trusted Advisor Associates has an interesting post today about trust titled “Bad Marketing 101: Trust Me!” I thought the article was worth linking to. An excerpt from the article is below. Why does saying “trust me” accomplish the opposite? Because it violates social norms, and because it is self-contradictory. More importantly, “trusted advisor” is something … Read more