Communication in Project Management

Steve Neiderhauser posted some excellent commentary in a blog post titled “Persuasion Equation“.  In the post, Steve mentions a class he attended that helped with communication skills.  In the blog post he writes: In the class I learned language patterns and that people have different thinking modalities: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Gustatory, Olfactory. The training leans … Read more

Moose on the Table

Just finished reading “Moose on the Table“by Jim Clemmer. Before I get into the review, let me define “moose on the table.”  According to the author, it is a rephrasing of the old saying “the elephant in the room”…as in…the thing nobody wants to discuss (or can discuss, etc). Jim Clemmer uses a fable to … Read more

Buzzword Bingo Strikes again

I’m sure most of us have heard of “Buzzword Bingo” and some have probably played it a time or too. It’s a fun game that should get people thinking about their communication style…and it appears that Oracle’s PR people should have looked into it prior to releasing their latest press release. Here’s the first paragraph … Read more

The power of communication

I’m always amazed how to hard it is for some people/firms to understand that communication is a major reason for project success or failure. For example, on one of the projects I’m working on now is a content management system implementation. My role is as overall program manager responsible for managing internal and external resources … Read more

Critical Thinking Definitions

As a follow-up to my post titled “The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking“, I had the intention of writing a post to share some thoughts on Critical & Creative Thinking….but I got hung up on some of the wordy and academic definitions that exist for Critical Thinking. The most famous (or infamous?) is the definition from … Read more