Quick WordPress Tip – Building your own shortcode

This is a bit of a break from my normal blogging, but I felt like sharing a quick self-hosted wordpress tip that others might find useful. In my regular Foto Friday posts, I have a section of content that I copy and paste into each post that points readers to other areas to find my […]

It’s a blog-birthday!

July marks the 5th year of existance of this blog. On July 14 2006 I pushed ‘publish’ on my first post.  That post – titled The Strategic Use of Human Resources – was an excerpt from a paper I wrote for one my MBA classes. The blog has come a long way since that first post.   […]

Taking things for granted

As I write this, I’m sitting on my couch at the house trying to watch a rerun of The Office and trying to relax a bit….but my attempt at a quiet relaxing time on the couch is interrupted by the sound of a mower outside.  Thursday is when our lawn service comes to tend to […]

Valuable Content Awards Winners Announced for May

Earlier this month I saw an announcement from one of my favorite blogs – Trust Matters, written by Trusted Advisor Associates – about being selected as a “Valuable Content Award Winner” for the month of April.   I love seeing good content and good people rewarded for their efforts. Prior to that post, I hadn’t heard […]

My predicitions for 2011 – more of the same

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the folks over at InfoBOOM to provide my predictions for 2011 for technology, business and IT. After receiving that request, but not because of it, I decided to leave the ‘expert’ program at infoBOOM.  I’ve just got too much going on right now to be able to […]

Three words for 2011

As I’ve done for the past two years (see my 3 words for 2009 and 3 words for 2010), its time to share my three words for 2011.  I got the idea for this from Chris Brogan a few years ago…not sure if he started it but I liked it and have been using it […]

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. I’m spending this day of thanks with my wife, Mother-in-Law and her two dogs.  While we normally spend Thanksgiving with my family in Oklahoma, this year we invited my MIL to visit us in Texas from West Virginia. While I am missing my family, I am enjoying the […]

Join me on InfoBOOM – a community for small and midsized business leaders

I’ve just joined IBM’s InfoBOOM community. I hadn’t heard of InfoBOOM until last week when I was asked to join as one of their compensated experts.  I was intrigued by the offer and am happy they reached out to me.  While I am being compensated to write a few blog posts on InfoBOOM, I’m happy […]

Request for Guest Authors – Share your thoughts

I’ve got a tight timeline on a research project. I’m working on a paper to submit for an Conference on IT Project Management…fun!.  Because of this timeline, I’m not going to have as much time to put some posts together for the next week or so….so I thought I’d open it up to you and […]

Blog Milestone – 4 years old

My first post on this blog was July 14 2006…exactly four years ago I posted an excerpt from a paper I wrote in my MBA program in a post titled The Strategic use of Human Resources. Since then, the blog has grown and done much more for me than I ever expected it to do. […]