Using Big Data – Examples from IBM

IBM just released a few announcements related to Big Data. Namely, the use of big data and analytics to better understand and target customers. The announcements (and the infographic below) provide some interesting, real-world examples of using data to make decisions on not only marketing but also operations. The press releases can be found here […]

Context – the driver to actionable use of Big Data

In a previous article titled Context and Data, I wrote about the need to understand the ‘context’ surrounding data. Without context, data is data. You really can’t do much useful with data. Sure, you can analyze it…but in order to get any decent analysis results, you’ve got to know what the contextual wrapping of that […]

Big data – it’s all relative

Last month I wrote a post titled “Is Big Data to Big for Small Business?” where I asked the questions: Is there a place for small organizations in the world of big data? Can small businesses take advantage of this ‘big data’ stuff?  Are small business’ data-sets even large enough to be considered ‘big data’? […]

Context and Data

A few weeks ago I wrote about Big Data and Small Business. From that post, I wrote: As its defined, big data might be too big for small business, but the concepts behind big data – identifying, collecting, analyzing and using data – aren’t too big. Anyone can use do four steps regardless of business size and […]

Is Big Data too big for small business?

Big Data.  Two small words with huge meaning. Do a search for “big data” on Google and you’ll find over 23 million results. Do a book search on amazon for ‘big data’ (affiliate link) and you’ll get over 5,000 results (I’m actually surprised the number is that low). Big Data has a few different connotations.   There are […]

Big Data, Small Business

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Big Data is a Big story these days and has been for some time. Big Data is a big business too….and will most likely continue to grow. Big Data is a topic that many in large organizations are talking about…as are many consulting and technology companies. HP, among […]