Big Data as described by IBM VP Paul Zikopoulos

I just finished reading Big Data for Small and Medium Businesses on IBM’s Forward View. In the article, IBM VP Paul Zikopoulos talks about big data and its importance to the small and medium business today. Paul describes big data thusly: I want to start out by noting that big data isn’t only about the […]

Dark Data & The Data Disconnect

I ran across a blog the other data that used the term “dark data” when describing an organization’s data that is collected during standard business activities that never really gets used for any purpose other than its original purpose.  Dark Data is that data the gets created, collected, stored but rarely revisited for any purpose […]

So you have big data…but do you have the Infrastructure to support it?

Big data is everywhere. Everyone wants to be doing big data. There’s one big data induced problem that many aren’t talking about or acknowledging.  That problem? Infrastructure. Where’s the infrastructure to support all the big data initiatives? Where’s the systems and storage to process and store all the data needed for all these ‘cool’ big […]

Don’t let your opinion on big data keep you from using big data

About a year ago, I heard the following two lines from well-respected IT professionals. The first comment: 1.) Big data is the future And the second:: 2.) Big data is hype These comments were uttered by people I truly respect. These two professionals have been around IT for more than 20 years each and have […]

“Build” or “Buy” – The Big Data Dilemma Facing Organizations Today

Finding the right people has always been a problem for IT organizations for many reasons. There’s always been a “build or buy” decision for organizations – do they hire and “build” people into what they need them to be or do they just go out and “buy” employees for that particular role and/or hire consultants […]

A look at Twitter messages in 2012 mentioning $SPY and S&P500 Symbols

Cross Posted at While working up my data analysis chapter of my dissertation, I came across some interesting tidbits of information and thought I’d share. Nothing here is earth-shattering and there’s not much I (or you) can do with this…but I thought it interesting and hope someone else out there does too. I’ve shared […]

Big Data won’t solve your problem (or maybe it will)

I just finished reading “Can big data technology be used to replace creative marketing?” and felt the need to vent a bit. This first part of this vent: I’m not real sure what the reason for that article was…it kind of bounced around a bit.   Apologies to the author but I was confused reading it […]

Predictive Analytics is not Big Data

According to Wikipedia, predictive analytics is described as: Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of techniques from statistics, modeling, machine learning, and data mining that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future, or otherwise unknown, events. While I’m not a huge fan of relying on Wikipedia for definitions, this is a decent description. […]

Big Data – Construct or Reality?

Before we get started – a definition of “construct” is needed. Taking a page from my years in quantitative research, I submit this definition (based on this definition): A construct is a mental abstraction used to express an idea, object or any other ‘item’ (could be people, organizations, etc.). It’s a way of bringing theory […]

Big Data isn’t the answer

I’m a fan of data. I love using data to solve problems and find answers. I love combining context and data to help organizations find identify issues and find solutions. I love seeing organizations using data to make decisions and manage their business and even more, I love seeing organizations searching for new ways to […]