By chasing the big might, you might just ignore the small

the next big thing

It seems like people are always looking for the ‘next big thing.’

They want that ‘big’ thing to get the ‘big’ improvement for themselves or their organizations.   They’re looking something that takes them from A to Z without the effort to get to B, C, D, etc.

Chasing that big idea can easily push yourself / your organization into a lull. By chasing the ‘big’, people (and organizations) often push the smaller ideas and projects to the side while pushing forward on those ‘big ideas’.

The problem with chasing the ‘big’ is that the ‘small’ is often overlooked. While chasing the big, people often ignore all the little things that need to be accomplished to make that ‘big’ thing actually work.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the big idea,  we all need to make sure there’s plenty of time and effort put into the ‘small’ things while we’re chasing those big ideas.

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