Building Buzz for yourself

During my usual Sunday evening read through my favorite blogs, I read an interesting post at the Brazen Careerist titled “How to build buzz around yourself“. I am a big believer in networking and building relationships and this post gives some good advice for networking and building buzz for yourself. The key points about how to build buzz for yourself is:

1. Be known for good work.
2. Contribute to the community.
3. Shape your own destiny.
4. Think in terms of experience and get off the sofa.

These four key points to consider for anyone trying to build their own brand while networking.

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2 responses to “Building Buzz for yourself”

  1. Gary W Scott Avatar

    Simple, but true words. I have just begun to implement the last two points myself and find my career so much more rewarding. I found Good to Great by Jim Collins to be particularly motivating. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Eric Brown Avatar

    You are welcome Gary. Thanks for the comment!