I will be making a few minor changes to this blog. The domain name is changing and I am thinking of changing the name of the blog…I have setup a poll for your thoughts on the name change.

Domain Name Change

After trying for quite a few years, I was able to finally get my name as my domain…ericbrown.com now belongs to me….finally! The blog will be moving domains from its current domain (http://ericbrownpm.com) to https://ericbrown.com sometime within the next month. The move should be seamless to everyone with the current domain and RSS Feeds redirected to the new domain. I will post a quick note once the domain move has occurred.

Blog Name Change

I also plan a minor adjustment to the title of this blog and would welcome any feedback. I am torn between the two following titles (please provide your feedback via the poll below):

  1. “Aligning Technology, Strategy and Execution”.
  2. “Aligning Technology, Strategy, People and Projects”

I like option #2 because that really is what I have focused on and what I want to focus on in the future on this blog and in my career. I’ve setup a poll (see below)…feel free to vote for your favorite.

Name Change Poll


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