Blog Changes Part 2

I’ve moved my blog to the new domain ( and have changed the name to “Aligning Technology Strategy People and Projects’…although I’m wondering if that name is too long.

The RSS Feed should still work (I use feedburner to manage and they’ve already handled the transition)…if anyone has any trouble with the new blog please let me know.

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14 years ago

Great stuff. Good domain 🙂 Congrats on a successful move (feed works from Google reader)

Eric Brown
14 years ago

Thanks…I was most worried about keeping the feed up and running after the move and it appears it is working just fine.

Nice Blog BTW…I’ve just added it to Google Reader.

Scot Herrick
14 years ago

Working fine with Bloglines as well. It’s a tough thing to change domains and get all that coordinated!

Eric Brown
14 years ago

Thanks Scot.

So far the migration has worked flawlessly….a little bit of planning on the front end saves a lot of trouble on the back end.

System Review
14 years ago

Hi Eric, do you want us to change the link from our blogs to your new domain?

Eric Brown
14 years ago

I’d appreciate you changing the links to the new domain.


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