Black Friday – What a fitting title

Today (the Friday after Thanksgiving) has been given the name Black Friday…and now it is really fitting.

Just ran across a news article about a Wal-Mart worker who died from being trampled to death when opening the store. Apparently the worker was trampled when the shoppers broke down the door to get into the store.

Is it really worth it?

Do we really need to get ‘the best deal’ so badly that we are willing to put ourselves and others in harm’s way?

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2 responses to “Black Friday – What a fitting title”

  1. Mary K. Williams Avatar

    I agree. I’ve also hated that name. Although I can somewhat commiserate with the origin (I worked in retail in the past), it angers me to see the media perpetuate “Black Friday”. Sure, holiday shopping can be a major pain, but we really do it to ourselves. A few years ago, I wrote something about this very “frustrating concept”.

  2. Eric D. Brown Avatar
    Eric D. Brown

    Hi Mary K. Williams:

    thanks for the link…great article.