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Billy McCafferty – Introduction to Scrum and Agile Development

Billy McCafferty over at just published a short blog post titled “Introduction to Scrum and Agile Development” that contains some excellent resources for people interested in learning more about Agile Software Development. He provides links to some great Agile & Lean resources as well as a zip file that contains a few of his presentations that he recently gave.

For those of you who aren’t developers (like me), Billy provides a presentation geared toward managers (see the Zip file he has on his blog post). This Management presentation does a great job of providing an overview of the agile mindset and Agile methods and is one of the best overviews of Agile Methods and “why go agile” descriptions I’ve seen.

It seems Billy has the same take on Agile as I do….he likes to approach Agile using a combination of Scrum, XP and Lean methods. Good stuff and worth the read.

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