Big Data won’t solve your problem (or maybe it will)

h2C574636I just finished reading “Can big data technology be used to replace creative marketing?” and felt the need to vent a bit.

This first part of this vent:

I’m not real sure what the reason for that article was…it kind of bounced around a bit.   Apologies to the author but I was confused reading it and don’t really think the author even addressed his own question. Of course, he DID get me to link to it. Link Bait: 1, Eric: 0.

My second – and most important – part of this vemt:

I’m tired of reading about how big data can solve all the problems of the world.  Big Data is an approach to help solve problems, yes…but it isn’t some magical approach that will make everything else obsolete and worthless.

I’m a fan of Big Data. I’m a fan of taking an analytical and data driven approach to business, but saying that Big Data can replace anything other than old Business Intelligence models and mindsets is just plain wrong.

To answer the question of Can big data technology be used to replace creative marketing?, no…it can’t and it won’t. In fact, Big Data actually makes the creativity and critical thinking even more important than it was in the past.  At some point in the near future, Big Data is going to be standard practice for business and the organizations that find a way to use data creatively are going to be the organizations that are going to be the leaders.

Big Data is a way to find answers and solve problems, its not the answer itself.