Are you a leader or just loud?

Sometimes I wonder about our leaders. These leaders may be your country’s leaders or they may be your teacher. Perhaps your VP or your CEO.

I think about these people and wonder if they really are leaders…or are they just loud?

Take a second to think about your organization.  Is there someone there that you feel is in a leadership role and shouldn’t be?  Are they in that role because they are a leader or because they were able to make people think they were?

Don’t get me wrong…I know there are some folks out there (maybe even many people) that are doing a great job as a leader…but sometimes I feel as though we (as a civilization) aren’t necessarily looking for real  leaders.   I think we’ve gotten comfortable with having poor leadership and we’ve become numb to the harmful actions of those that are loud.

I hope you’re taking the leadership role and doing something about ‘it’….whatever ‘it’ is.  Perhaps ‘it’ is changing the world or perhaps ‘it’ is just making your street a better place to live.  There are plenty of people that talk about being a leader (being loud) but few that really step up and lead.

Being a leader is hard work.  Being loud isn’t. Being loud is telling people what they want to hear.  Being a leader is telling people what they don’t want to hear.

Are you leading or just being loud? Am I?  Good question…

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4 responses to “Are you a leader or just loud?”

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  2. Laura Avatar

    Hi Eric,

    This is a great reminder to get people thinking about what leadership really means within organizations. I often feel that some of the best leaders are not "those at the top" but those who know how to get things done within the organization through influence. They consistently drive the organization forward one small step at a time. Although historically this type of leadership was not recognized, I think we are seeing positive swings toward the bottom-up rather than the top-down approach.