Raven from Raven’s Brain (great blog by the way…check it out) tagged me in her recent post titled “Meme me me me me..” Now…I’ve already shared 8 random facts in my post titled “I’ve been tagged…8 Random Facts” but I’ll share three more with everyone.

Random Fact #9:

I’m a geek. I’m sure you probably figured that out…but I am. I’ve got more gadgets and computers than I will ever need. Oh well…its a harmless hobby.

Random Fact #10:

I don’t have a favorite movie…I have 3: Unforgiven (Eastwood’s 1992 Classic), Forrest Gump and Sideways.

Random Fact #11:

I hate mathematics….maybe that isn’t right. I hate doing meaningless math problems but happily spent many semesters working on quantum physics problems. To set the proper context for this… I have a Bachelors in Physics with a math minor and a Masters in Electrical Engineering (even more math) and my MBA work had a lot of math in the operations and finance areas. Strange huh? πŸ™‚

Well….there’s three more random facts for you.

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