Grand Canyon Majesty – Foto Friday

Grand Canyon Majesty

Grand Canyon Majesty — If you’ve never seen a sunset (or sunrise) over the grand canyon, you are missing out. This image is from my most recent trip on a workshop with @don_smith_photography and @garyhartphoto to the canyon to chase storms and lightning. One evening when no storms were around, I decided to set up for a sunset shoot … Read more Grand Canyon Majesty – Foto Friday

Customer Service is made up of the small things

Poor Customer Service Image

I recently had a customer service interaction with a SaaS service provider that left me wanting. With this provider, we had an issue that was effecting our ability to use their programming API to provide services to our clients at SentimenTrader. The issue wasn’t one that caused us any real heartburn and wasn’t a mission … Read more Customer Service is made up of the small things

Recipes don’t always work

recipes dont work

How many times have you followed a recipe while cooking something in the kitchen and had the result turn out not to be quite what you expected?     If you’re like me, more times than not. Sure, the result is edible (usually) but isn’t quite what you expected or what was described in the recipe.  … Read more Recipes don’t always work