WordPress as Web Framework

WordPress logoAs you know, I love WordPress.

I use WordPress for everything these days. This blog runs on WordPress. My photography blog runs on WP.  My wife’s photography websites (a moment to keep photography and Boudoir Moments) run on WordPress.  Like I said…everytime I build a website today, I start with WordPress if I can.

So…when I was asked to help build a new website for Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group, an intellectual property consulting and expert witness services firm, I jumped at the change to use WP.

Jump over to www.svewg.com and take a look at the site. Does it look like a blog?  Nope.   It looks like a website. It’s a website.  We used the new Custom Post types found in WordPress 3.0 for the expert bios and added some interesting functionality to the site.

Does WordPress make sense for all organizations?  No…but its worth a look to see if it can work for you.    The open source approach (and community) that WordPress has allows you to build whatever you want to build.

WordPress has moved from a ‘blogging engine’ to a ‘website framework’….take a look at it for your next web project.

  • http://www.stjernstrom.com Magnus

    Couldn’t agree more. Have you checked out Disqus yet? Great commenting system for WP.

    • http://ericbrown.com Eric D. Brown

      I have looked ast Disqus but in the past it was a bit slow so I took it off. I’ve been keeping an eye on them lately with the reports of it running faster…might have to check it out again.

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