Competing with Amazon

I’m a huge fan of Amazon. Over the years, more and more of my purchases have moved to Amazon. I’ve bought books, coffee, electronics, camera equipment and just about everything else you can think of.  They have everything…and they are cheap too.  Plus…..the whole free shipping (with prime membership) and no taxes makes it that […]

Available does not equal best

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Note: I love technology…believe me I do.  I just really liked this photo 🙂 I Just finished reading Implementing new technologies for the right reasons over on the Enterprise CIO Forum.  The article, written by Martin Davis of Canada’s J D Irving Ltd, provides a nice reminder in today’s technology driven […]

Links for July 26 2011

CIO’s Must Make Enterprise Architecture a First Class Citizen by Mike Walker Quote: I wouldn’t necessarily make everyone use an architecture method as it’s not right for all problems. However, can we get people to think more like architects, yes! Can we get people to understand why we need architecture, yes! Can we get more […]

Flexible tools and platforms for a changing world

In the IT world, we tend to take a single-minded approach to our technology platforms.   We have email systems. We have web systems. We have HR and Finance systems. Many organizations are implementing collaboration tools and social tools in the enterprise.  But…most organizations are implementing these platforms with blinders on without long-term plans for how […]

The Strategy Disconnect

Strategy…its a word that conjurs up a lot of images…some good and some bad. There are a lot of people writing and talking about strategy. There are tons of books. Lots of consultants and lots of material on the subject. There are many many millions of dollars spent each year on ‘strategy’. There are courses […]

Which IT project comes first – Legacy or Sexy?

If you’re organization is like most, you’ve got a lot of legacy IT systems.   Most of those legacy systems require a lot of maintenance. Most of those legacy systems need updates. In addition, you’re organization has a ton of ‘sexy’ projects that need to get done. Projects like integration of social platforms.  Collaboration tools.  New […]

Social – A Culture, not a tool

I had a conversation two weeks ago with a colleague who was taking over the social media, marketing and PR responsibilities for a small but growing organization in the consumer products industry. In this new role, my friend will be moving into a role of responsibility of all social media and engagement aspects for the […]

On Change

I’ve been reading Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath & Dan Heath (amazon affiliate link).   If you haven’t read the book…check it out…some good insight into why people change…and why they don’t. The basic premise of the book is that most change efforts fail. Change efforts don’t fail just […]

CIO’s vs CMO’s – what’s the real problem?

Improve end-user workforce productivityEarlier this week I wrote a post titled “The relationship between the CIO and CMO?” where I reported on a survey from the CMO council (as reported by In that survey, an interesting result was reported that shows a huge disconnect between the CIO and CMO when it comes to digital […]

On Value

If you don’t know, my passion outside of technology, entrepreneurship and writing on this blog is photography.  I’ve recently been spending even more time on that passion of mine…which is OK by me 🙂 Don’t fret though…I still love thinking, and writing, about IT and people One of the photography blogs that I regularly follow is called “A […]