Links for May 5 2013

Innovate on Purpose: Breaking out of the m (old) for disruptive innovation Quote: When you want truly disruptive innovation, you will need to break the mold, step out into completely new technologies, capabilities and delivery systems. The reason innovation appears to be stagnant in many industries is that few firms are willing to disrupt the […]

Tips for making good coffee (and building better teams)

There are many ways to make coffee.   You’ve got your pre-ground coffee. You’re pre-packaged coffee. Whole Bean coffee.  Self-roasted coffee.  Instant coffee. And as many types of coffee, there are just as many ways to make coffee.  Drip. French Press. Instant. Percolator. Etc etc. For the purposes of this post, let’s look at three ways […]

Agree…and do nothing

One of the fastest ways to build trust is to keep your word. One of the fastest ways to destroy trust and damage a relationship is to agree…and do nothing. How many times have you gone to your manager with an issue that needs to be resolved and you’re promised assistance but it never materializes? […]

Links for December 2 2012

The DNA of the CIO Quote: The clear message from many CIOs – old and young, in mature and rapid-growth markets and spanning a range of industries – is that the status quo will need to change. To stay relevant in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, CIOs will need to break out of their comfort […]

Links for Nov 18 2012

Change Trumps Technology Quote: So, do I think your organization should be advancing into the digital/social media world? Absolutely. But you’d better FIRST build your organizational capacity to change your own management to meet the needs of today’s environment. That’s what gets you into the playoffs–and digital acumen is what puts you on top. Big […]

Links for Nov 11 2012

ITSinsider | Fracking for Value in the Enterprise Quote:  It’s kind of like fracking in the bedrock of the enterprise for stored value.  Chris Morace, Jive Chief Strategy Officer, calls it finding the “money laying around” in your organization when you start viewing your organization in a modern way and start using social technology strategically. […]

Links for Oct 28 2012

Get Responsibility for Data Out of IT – Thomas C. Redman – Harvard Business Review Quote: The larger motivation is to get responsibility for data where it belongs. So where is that? I’ve already made clear the critical roles played by nearly everyone, as both data creators and data users. This point, and the work […]

The CIO Paradox by Martha Heller – a book review

Note: I received a reveiw copy of The CIO Paradox.  The review below made up of PR material provided to me as well as my reading of the book. Martha Heller was kind enough to reach out to me to offer me an advance copy of her new book titled “The CIO Paradox: Battling the […]

Revisiting Shadow IT…again.

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. The topic of Shadow IT is making the rounds again. A quick Google search finds more than a few new posts on the topic in last few days/weeks with more than just a few pointing to the “good” that can come from Shadow IT.  I don’t know that […]

Links for June 25 2012

The People-Centered Workplace by Wally Bock on Three Star Leadership Blog Quote: Don’t try to turn people into something they’re not. Instead, help create a workplace where people can thrive. Is Technology Killing Communication? by Geoff Reiner Quote: I will conclude by saying the power of human interaction will never be replaced by technology.  The […]