Links for July 28 2013

How Innovations Spread Quote: We believe that we can just tell people the facts and ideas will spread. That’s not really how it works. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains that persuading others is about more than just putting the facts out there and letting the chips fall as they may. Nobel-winning economist: end software patents and […]

Big Data, Small Data – or YOUR Data?

I just finished reading Big Data and Marketing: A Confused Relationship? over on Marketing Pilgrim. There’s some good stuff in the post – but what really caught my attention was a paragraph toward the end of the article. The paragraph is: Focus more on the data you have today versus getting caught up in trying […]

Links for June 16 2013

The Smarter Data Manifesto – Quote: You need to look beyond the ways data used to be collected to how technology can help you use your data far more effectively, because you have important goals. You have customers you want to satisfy. You want to know how to structure a good experience so it becomes […]

Context – the driver to actionable use of Big Data

In a previous article titled Context and Data, I wrote about the need to understand the ‘context’ surrounding data. Without context, data is data. You really can’t do much useful with data. Sure, you can analyze it…but in order to get any decent analysis results, you’ve got to know what the contextual wrapping of that […]

Links for April 28 2013

A Dangerous Bias: action over thinking – UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley Quote: So, perhaps if our agile and iterative processes do not seem to be leading us on a path to success, maybe we just dove into the deep end without spending quite enough effort to understand how our stakeholders will be defining success […]

Links for April 21 2013

The Three Elements of Successful Data Visualizations – Jim Stikeleather – Harvard Business Review Quote: Storytelling helps the viewer gain insight from the data. Information visualization is a process that transforms data and knowledge into a form that relies on the human visual system to perceive its embedded information. The goal is to enable the […]

BYOD – reducing costs and complexity for IT

I’ve written about the topic “Bring your own Device” (BYOD) in the past but I never really touched on the issue of what BYOD does for IT complexity. Does having a BYOD policy that allows your employees to bring their own devices increase the workload and complexity for the IT staff? My gut reaction to […]

Links for April 7 2013

Technology is king, so why are so many IT departments playing backseat roles? — Tech News and Analysis Quote: As employees feel increasingly entitled to take tech into their own hands via BYOD, the cloud and SaaS, IT is finding itself sidelined. The answer is for IT to redefine itself. Welcome to IT as a […]

Links for March 24 2013

“Steering your car via the gas tank”, when cost trumps strategy Quote: …the budget is not a strategy, it is not a means of leadership, and it is simply an allocation of resources that should support rather than set the direction of where we need to go. Data science is not enough. We need data […]

Context and Data

A few weeks ago I wrote about Big Data and Small Business. From that post, I wrote: As its defined, big data might be too big for small business, but the concepts behind big data – identifying, collecting, analyzing and using data – aren’t too big. Anyone can use do four steps regardless of business size and […]