Links for Nov 3 2013

Inversion and The Power of Avoiding Stupidity Quote: Spend less time trying to be brilliant and more time trying to avoid obvious stupidity. The kicker? Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance. Innovate on Purpose: What to control and what to release for innovation success Quote: Because innovation teams and their managers are unfamiliar with […]

Links for Oct 27 2013

Oh I See (CIO Inverted): Integrated Best of Breed Quote: Predictions about the demise of the larger solutions have been around for a while now; I do not believe that they are going away in a hurry, rather many have adapted to the new situation quite well. The momentum from new and micro solutions will […]

Dark Data & The Data Disconnect

I ran across a blog the other data that used the term “dark data” when describing an organization’s data that is collected during standard business activities that never really gets used for any purpose other than its original purpose.  Dark Data is that data the gets created, collected, stored but rarely revisited for any purpose […]

Links for Sept 22 2013

The big data Wild West: The good, the bad and the ugly — Tech News and Analysis Quote: Ron Bodkin of Think Big Analytics discusses the best and worst practices for adopting big data technologies and actually getting results. Companies must beware of dangerous decisions, charlatans and disastrous missteps. Good news and bad news for […]

Links for Sept 8 2013

Anticipate the Corporate Culture of “No!” – Sales Aerobics for Engineers ® Blog Quote: Do you work in a Culture of No? Some of you will be defeated by the situation, shoulders slumped, as you return to your cubicle. The design budget wasn’t approved, again. The sale didn’t close, again. Whatever the situation, the corporate […]

Links for August 18 2013

Unicorn, Shmunicorn: Be a Pegasus | UX Magazine Quote: But who better to take on the product challenges of the future than cream-of-the-crop UX professionals? No one is closer to the intersection of people’s goals and a company’s products than the designers sweating over every detail of the user experience, day in and day out. […]

Links for August 4 2013

CIOs need to learn to become enablers rather than gatekeepers — Tech News and Analysis Quote: CIO bashing has become popular sport, but in reality companies are now finding an edge by focusing less on cost-cutting and more on how IT can help enable better functionality and innovation. Jim’s Notebook: Measuring What Matters Quote: Ultimately, […]

Links for July 28 2013

How Innovations Spread Quote: We believe that we can just tell people the facts and ideas will spread. That’s not really how it works. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains that persuading others is about more than just putting the facts out there and letting the chips fall as they may. Nobel-winning economist: end software patents and […]

Big Data, Small Data – or YOUR Data?

I just finished reading Big Data and Marketing: A Confused Relationship? over on Marketing Pilgrim. There’s some good stuff in the post – but what really caught my attention was a paragraph toward the end of the article. The paragraph is: Focus more on the data you have today versus getting caught up in trying […]

Links for June 16 2013

The Smarter Data Manifesto – Quote: You need to look beyond the ways data used to be collected to how technology can help you use your data far more effectively, because you have important goals. You have customers you want to satisfy. You want to know how to structure a good experience so it becomes […]