The Gap between the CIO and CMO – is it narrowing?


I recently ran across a survey titled “Big Data’s Biggest Role – Aligning the CMO & CIO” that was put together by the CMO Council and SAS. The survey, which contained responses from 237 marketing and 211 IT executives, has some very interesting results. A few of the highlights from the survey: 85% of respondents […]

Links for June 22 2014

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Cloud security is not an oxymoron Quote: I get it: there is a lot of data that can’t move to the cloud, not because IT managers don’t understand the issues, but because they need to comply with regulations that were designed before we understood the scope of our security problems. If you’re in one of […]

The role of IT and the CIO in Marketing


Isaac Sacolick recently wrote a post titled Dear CIO, Here’s How To Help the CMO with Marketing Automation where he talked about the need for CIO’s and CMO’s to work closely together for marketing automation projects. In that post, he wrote: …fully achieving “marketing automation” is no where as easy as SalesForce, Microsoft, or Oracle […]

Links for Nov 17 2013

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The Internet Of Things Will Be Huge—Just Not As Huge As The Hype – ReadWrite Quote: Like most things in life, the real value of the Internet of Things lies somewhere between the hype and where we are now. One thing is certain: this will not be an overnight impact, but a slow evolution as […]

Links for Oct 13 2013

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“It Won’t Work. We Tried That” Quote: Bottom line: bad marketing science is dangerous. And we should demand that it at least get itself a half-decent disguise – with data and control groups and stuff – before we accept it as real science. “We tried that,” just doesn’t cut it. Napoleon’s Fatal Mistake Quote: He […]

Links for Sept 22 2013

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The big data Wild West: The good, the bad and the ugly — Tech News and Analysis Quote: Ron Bodkin of Think Big Analytics discusses the best and worst practices for adopting big data technologies and actually getting results. Companies must beware of dangerous decisions, charlatans and disastrous missteps. Good news and bad news for […]

Links for Sept 8 2013

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Anticipate the Corporate Culture of “No!” – Sales Aerobics for Engineers ® Blog Quote: Do you work in a Culture of No? Some of you will be defeated by the situation, shoulders slumped, as you return to your cubicle. The design budget wasn’t approved, again. The sale didn’t close, again. Whatever the situation, the corporate […]

Links for June 2 2013

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Customer Journeys: Miles to Go – Highly Competitive – software industry insights Quote: The best outcome of any customer interaction or experience should be the value that is derived by the customer – the assessment of that value also belongs to the customer. Organizations don’t always know what value was received – or if it […]

Revisiting the Marketing Technology Office


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. My post last week titled A Marketing Technology Office…the next fad? got some interesting feedback via email and my contact form….funny that these same people didn’t leave a comment on the blog for the whole world to see. Rather than respond in private to those emails, I’ll respond […]

A Marketing Technology Office…The next fad?


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. John Dodge posted a video over on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled “Enter the chief marketing technology officer” that highlights the importance of the role of ‘marketing technology’…and more importantly the role of the marketing technologist. In the video John points to recent stories, discussions and ideas floating around the CIO world about how […]