Agility & Business

Michael Hugos had a really good post on titled “Agility Means Simple Things Done Well, Not Complex Things Done Fast” that provided the best definition of “agility’ that I’ve found.  He writes: Experience shows me (again and again) that agility is not about working fast but about finding elegantly simple solutions to business problems. […]

Is Perfect worth it?

“Don’t let perfect ruin good” That’s what Harry Beckwith, author of “Selling the Invisible” has to say on the subject. He goes on to say the following: “You easily can get stalled in the shift from strategy to tactics because you are paralyzed by your desire for excellence” I see this type of thing all […]

If you claim to be agile, then be agile

As some of you may know, I’ve talked about agile methodologies in software development in previous blog posts (see links below). The topic of Agile methods still seems to be quite hot these days and many organizations want to ‘go agile’ and many vendors sell themselves as being ‘agile’. This is great….but many of these […]