Saturn Aura Problem – Update #5

For background, see here, here, here, here and here.

Car has been in the shop for a week now with no response from the dealership. Saturn National Assistance has called me twice and both times have said that they can’t get the dealer’s service department on the line.

My letter demanding Saturn fix this car within 30 days (as per the requirement of Texas Lemon Law) is being mailed today.

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  1. Man, I cannot believe this is still going on. What happens if the car isn’t fixed in 30 days? Do you get a different car or get your money back? If given the choice, I think I’d get my money back and get something from another manufacturer.

  2. According to the Texas Lemon Law, the manufacturer has to respond to the letter and if the car isn’t fixed within the 30 day limit, Texas starts the lemon law process, which could take up to 150 days to resolve.

    If the car isn’t fixed, Saturn must repurchase the car or exchange the car for another…but…I’ll never drive a saturn again so I’m going to ask for a repurchase.

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