Links for November 1 2009

Starting with Trust by Jamie on Get Me Jamie Notter

Self-Organization vs. Emergence by Jurgen Appelo on NOOP.NL: Managing Software Development

When Organizational Silos Hurt Innovation by Isaac Sacolick on Social, Agile, and Transformation

What Should IT Measure? by Steve Levy on No Secret

Innovation ROI – Why Every Enterprise 2.0-Enabled Connection Counts by Hutch Carpenter on I’m Not Actually a Geek

CIO Careers: Learning from System Quarterbacks by Chris Curran on CIO Dashboard

Be Wrong by Dave Fleet on

“Refuse to lose”: how executive pressure contributes to IT failure by Peter Kretzman on CTO/CIO perspectives

Up from the rubble: What it takes to be the Phoenix by Tim Sanders on Sanders Says

Innovation as a competitive advantage by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

IT’s Business Lesson by Mike Schaffner on Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms

Leading with Courage: Run Toward the Roar by Dan McCarthy on Great Leadership

Knowing When To Stop by Chuck Musciano on The Effective CIO

Behind Closed Doors: What’s On the Mind Of Chief Marketing Officers by Jeremiah Owyang on Web Strategy by Jeremiah

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