Inbound Marketing Summit Dallas – Great event

I had the pleasure of meeting some great folks at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Dallas.  I learned a lot and had a lot of the ideas that I already had reinforced.

The best thing of the event?  I figured out that every large organization has similar problems when it comes to Social Media.

A few of the folks I met (and can remember…it’s been 2 whole days!) are:

There were some great speakers at the event and some amazing conversation.  Glad I went…if you happen to run across a Inbound Marketing Summit in your area, I’d highly recommend it.

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  • Hi Eric!

    Really enjoyed meeting you at IMS09. And you're right – nearly *every* organization is facing similar challenges in adoption of social media, just on different scales. But I'm looking forward to chatting with you more about what you're doing to see if we can help, or just to bounce some ideas around.

    Truly my pleasure, and hope our paths cross again very soon.


  • The pleasure was mine. You're definitely doing great stuff, and I'm glad you're representing your organization with all your learning.

  • Great meeting you as well, Eric — and I look forward to the next time we get together so we can talk about what you're doing at more length. Cheers!

  • It was great to finally meet you! We certainly have aq meeting of the minds! There is much more to share and do together – I look forward to it!!

  • Hey Eric! – It was so great getting to spend some time chatting with you. I'm so glad you enjoyed coming to hang out! I look forward to chatting more about what you're up to 🙂