Normalcy Bias and You

Normalcy Bias

If you aren’t familiar with the term “normalcy bias”, here’s a quick definition: Normalcy bias is…the phenomenon of disbelieving one’s situation when faced with grave and imminent danger and/or catastrophe. As in overfocusing on the actual phenomenon instead of taking evasive action, a state of paralysis. Another way to think about normalcy bias is the […]

Optimizing your Data Center with the Cloud


This post is brought to you by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP’s Make It Matter. Most organizations today have some type of cloud implementation and/or service.  Every organization views the cloud a little differently than any other organization. Some view the cloud as a place to store data while others view the cloud as […]

Links for March 30 2014

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Google Flu Trends’ Failure Shows Good Data > Big Data – Kaiser Fung – Harvard Business Review Quote: The amount of data still tends to dominate discussion of big data’s value. But more data in itself does not lead to better analysis, as amply demonstrated with Flu Trends. Large datasets don’t guarantee valid datasets. That’s […]

The role of IT and the CIO in Marketing


Isaac Sacolick recently wrote a post titled Dear CIO, Here’s How To Help the CMO with Marketing Automation where he talked about the need for CIO’s and CMO’s to work closely together for marketing automation projects. In that post, he wrote: …fully achieving “marketing automation” is no where as easy as SalesForce, Microsoft, or Oracle […]

Links for June 9 2013

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Freeing your IT department from Stackholm Syndrome — Tech News and Analysis Quote: Many IT departments are enslaved by the very systems they have constructed. The solution doesn’t require starting over, only giving business the freedom to operate outside the stack. Reclaiming the role of the CIO Quote: So, rather than being distracted by constant […]

Small Business and IT


I’ve written before about the constraints that hit small businesses when it comes to IT.   Constraints are everywhere, but one area that I’ve always found them is within the technology / IT space of small businesses. On a previous article titled Small Business CIO – Manager of Constraints, I discussed the development of options for […]

Comparing Twitter Sentiment vs Random Numbers for Entry Signals


This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment One of the concerns that I have of my research into using Twitter Sentiment for entry signals in the market has been that the market has, in general, been in an up-trend over the last year.   With that up-trend, there’s a good change that any entry, made […]

Foto Friday – Jenny Lake Turnout, Grand Tetons

Jenny Lake Turnout - Grand Teton National Park

Here’s another from the photogarchives – Jenny Lake Turnout – Grand Teton National Park taken a few years ago. Captured with Canon 5D and Canon 24-105.

Links for August 28 2011

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Stop Ignoring the Stalwart Worker – Thomas J. DeLong – HBS Faculty – Harvard Business Review Quote: That’s because, despite the number of Stalwarts in an organization, these good, solid citizens of the organization go largely unnoticed. Few leaders think about the motivation, inclusion, and explicit career management of the solid performers. One Fortune 500 […]

Links for Dec 2 2008

How Hard Could it Be?: My Style of Servant Leadership by Joel Spolsky on Project Management, Teams and Success by Raven on Raven’s Brain Employee Engagement: Going the Distance by David Zinger on Employee Engagement Zingers Gobble Gobble and Weeble Wobble by Cali & Jody The Power of the Poor and the Purpose of […]