When the story is right, people listen

It been quiet here this week as I’ve been traveling.   I spent the week in Chicago talking to clients and refining the story of what I do. Its fun to talk to new people…especially when they are receptive to the story you are telling and when that story is authentic. When the story is […]

Learning from those who ‘did’

Last night, I watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show on the Travel Channel. I’m a fan of Mr. Bourdain’s…I read (actually listened) to Kitchen Confidential (amazon affiliate link) and really enjoyed it. I’ve watched many of the No Reservations episodes and have always come away from each show with some new-found piece of of knowledge and/or appreciation about […]

Spotting a professional

The word ‘professional’ is quite often overused in today’s world. There are tons of professionals out there. Professional sports players. Professional money managers. Professionals in the medical and legal industrys. Over the last 10 years, there’s been a move to make darn near every type of job a ‘professional’ type of job – “Professional” project […]

Taking things for granted

As I write this, I’m sitting on my couch at the house trying to watch a rerun of The Office and trying to relax a bit….but my attempt at a quiet relaxing time on the couch is interrupted by the sound of a mower outside.  Thursday is when our lawn service comes to tend to […]

Repetitive Redundancy and the Search For New

I’ve been reading a lot of new blogs lately. Not really sure what I’ve been looking for, but I feel like something is missing. I feel like I’ve been reading and writing about the same thing over and over (and over). So I’ve been surfing around reading a bunch and really good stuff in the […]

Done Never Is

Last week, David Aponovich from ISITE Design wrote a nice piece titled Avoiding the CMS Death Spiral on ISITE’s CMS Myth blog. If you don’t know who ISITE Design is, you should…especially if you are in the digital marketing space. Those guys are top notch. I tried to hire them many times when I was […]

One Day

One day. That’s all it takes. One day is all it takes to cause tragedy or triumph.  One day is all it takes to change for the better – or the worse. There’s been a lot of ‘One Days’ in my life. One day, I saw the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building destroyed. One day, […]

Generalists are good, experts can be better (sometimes)

Earlier this week I provided a rundown of my experience going through a sleep study in a post titled To manage it, measure it…but don’t destroy it in the process. Turns out, I have sleep apnea based on the outcome of the sleep study.   So…I get to go back to do another sleep study with […]

Are you ready to accept failure?

Are you ready to accept failure?  Can you live with yourself if you don’t succeed? When I was growing up, winning was a big thing.  You won or lost. You won at sports.  You succeeded at school.  Or you didn’t.  There wasn’t anything good about losing…no ‘participation’ trophies…no recognition for losing. Succeeding and winning was […]

The dangers of social media…or…don’t be a sheeple

Social Media has brought a real danger to the forefront of society. It’s not the security risks that might be inherent in social media, although there are many of these types of risks. It’s not the many inherent dangers that might be found in social media, although they are valid dangers. It’s not the very real and very serious […]