Making Theory Meet Practice

This won’t surprise many people (at least I hope it doesn’t)…there is a huge difference between “theory” and “practice”. I’m an academic AND and practitioner. I have a Doctorate in Information Systems and have worked in aspects of IT / IS for almost 20 years now.  Theory is great at preparing people for doing things in […]

Always Learning. Or: my attempt to improve my (horrid) programming habits

I’m the worlds worst developer. Really. I am. I don’t follow best practices and my coding style is the oft-chided “brute force” method. I owe (blame?) my coding style on the fact that the first language I learned was FORTRAN 77 and then quickly I picked up C.  Then…I spent 3 years teaching FORTRAN 77 […]

Agree…and do nothing

One of the fastest ways to build trust is to keep your word. One of the fastest ways to destroy trust and damage a relationship is to agree…and do nothing. How many times have you gone to your manager with an issue that needs to be resolved and you’re promised assistance but it never materializes? […]

Finding ‘the’ system

How long have you been looking for that ‘perfect’ system? You know….the project management ‘system’ that will be your savior. Or the governance process that will ensure that your IT group is running ‘right’. Or that Social Media approach that will make your marketing efforts ‘perfect’. Or…perhaps that perfect system that will make you money […]

The one in which I meet a scorpion

I love the motto “fail fast, fail often”. Its been the driver behind a lot of what I’ve done in my life. There’s been many times that I’ve failed quickly to then turn right around and start again. But…what do you do after you’ve failed just one too many times?   That last failure that just destroys […]

The magic and mystery of 1 percent

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. What do you think about 1%? Its tiny isn’t it?  Minuscule even. I mean…1% of a a dollar is 1 cent. 1 measly penny.  Who cares about pennies these days? A 1% increase in salary is a slap in the face to many employees. Most argue that they’d rather […]


I get emails and phone calls from people all the time. Some have the nerve to tell me the message is “important”. Some even mark the little exclamation point in Outlook that denotes ‘importance’ or ‘high priority’ when they email me. I have news for those people (and for you). Your email isn’t important. Your […]

External solutions won’t solve your internal problems

Recently, I’ve been reading a book titled The Inner Voice of Trading: Eliminate the Noise, and Profit from the Strategies That Are Right for You (amazon affiliate link). I saw the book in the book store and liked some of the things I saw in it so I bought it. Whether you’re a trader/investor or have no interest in […]

The power of focus (after you find something to focus on)

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Focus.  Such a small word but with huge meaning. In the world of photography, focus can mean the difference between creating a timeless photograph or an out of focus snapshot. As a baseball player, focus is the difference between striking out and getting on base for the batter…and […]

On Fear

As you may know, I kadabble  in the stock market. BTW – Kadabble…that’s a word my friend Ron Roll created…its his word for ‘dabble’. I think. I’ve written about the market in the past.  See Stop Chasing. Start Focusing and How project management made me a better trader/investor for some of my stock market ramblings. […]