There is No Holy Grail

Regardless of what you may have heard, there is no Holy Grail. Now…we may never know if the the myth of the Holy Grail is real or not…but…looking for the “holy grail’ in your life  is a waste of time. I run across a lot of folks looking for that holy grail. They are looking […]

Listen. Or…the one where Eric washes his car at 3AM

Back in my college days, I was quite the party animal. Well…that’s actually a bit misleading…I was a physics major…so partying was really more like sitting around with the other Physics and Chemistry majors, having a few drinks and talking about wormholes, time travel, music and just generally hanging out. I met some great people […]

Stop Chasing. Start Focusing.

Most businesses are chasing. They’re chasing their competitors. Chasing their industries. Chasing their perceptions of their future as well as chasing their past. Many people within companies are chasing too. Their chasing the approval of their leadership team. Chasing the approval of their managers and of their peers. Some are even chasing recognition from their […]

Guest Post: The Leadership Theory Lack

This is a guest post by David Burkus, Editor of David and LeaderLab has just released their new book titled The Portable Guide to Leading Organizations – jump over to and learn more. Airport bookstores are crowded with books on leadership, and each one seems to promote a “leadership lack.” They’ll each begin […]

Application Modernization – “Plumbing projects” or roadmap to innovation & revenue?

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Application Modernization….only two words…but two words that denote a big undertaking for most organizations. I’ve touched on the subject of modernizing applications and infrastructure, in a few posts in the past (see here and here).  In my consulting efforts, I’ve run across many CIO’s and […]

The Little Black Book of Leadership – a book review

Last week the author of The Little Black Book of Leadership, Todd Dewett Ph.D., contacted me to say hello, complement me on my work here and offer up an electronic copy of his book. I receive variants of this type of email quite often.  Most are from agents and PR folks trying to get a […]

How do we “fix” Project Failures?

A few months ago I wrote a post titled Cognitive Dissonance & IT. From that post, you’ll remember that cognitive dissonance is: an uncomfortable tension caused by holding contradictory thoughts simultaneously. Cognitive Dissonance is everywhere in IT today, especially in the Project Management side of the house. I think everyone would agree there are a lot of IT project […]

Are we treating the symptoms, or the real problem?

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of knee pain.  For the last few months, its been constant and regular and seemed to get worse when I would spend a lot of time on my feet.  My initial thought was that my years of powerlifting in high school was finally catching up to me and I […]

Complexity & IT

Ray Ozzie is leaving Microsoft. After it was announced that he was leaving, he published a memo on his blog. The memo, titled Dawn of  a New Day,  is an excellent read. In fact, I’m in awe of people who can write like Mr. Ozzie can. While reading through the memo (yes…I read the whole […]

Passion – The key to engagement for IT?

Passion. What type of emotion is evoked when you read it or hear that word? What do you think of when you think of passion? Do you think about your job?  The company you work for?  Finishing up the big project you’re working on? Or… Do you think about many other things outside of your […]