VMware Online Forum 2013 – Virtualization meets the Virtual World

VMware Events - Google Chrome_2013-03-27_09-48-57

This post is brought to you by VMware and their Online Forum 2013 Event One of the best parts about working in the technology field is having the ability to attend conferences where you can meet new people and learn about new technologies and products. Over the past few years, the budget for conferences has […]

The Changing role of the CIO


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I’ve been writing for months (years?) about the changes coming to IT and the role of the CIO.  My “New CIO” topic is littered with posts about the changes being seen today and those changes that are coming down the road. Many others have been writing about it […]

The Cloud – Trend, fad, reality? Yes.


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. The Cloud. We all know about it. We are probably all tired of every blog talking about the Cloud. Some call the Cloud a fad. Some call it the trend of the future. Others…call the Cloud reality. So which is it… Trend, fad or reality? All three. Yes…all […]

Are you building an “order taker” or “solution maker” environment?


Dave Brock just published a post that resonated with me. The title of the post – Order Taker or Solution Creator – hits home in the IT world. In the article, Dave describes what he calls ‘order takers’ and ‘solution creators’. The order taker does a good job of working with clients to deliver a widget […]

I learned Python…and much more


I’ve spent the last two weeks with my head buried in programming languages. I’ve been needing to re-write some scripts for data analysis for my research. I initially wrote some scripts in R but found that R is particularly slow when it comes to this type of analysis (more accurately I should say that my implementation of these analysis techniques is […]

2012 – The year of silo demolition in business?


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Paul Muller, and HP Blogger published a post on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled Twelve thrilling (or terrifying) thoughts for IT in 2012. This time of year sees a lot of ‘prediction’ articles…most are worth the read and some aren’t.  Paul’s is worth a quick read. Rather than lay out a […]

Clouds and Shadows – Managing Shadow IT with the Cloud


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Cloud computing is here to stay. Oh wait…I hate statements like that.  Sorry about that. Statements like the above are made by people trying to defend the ‘cloud’ or whatever new or important product/service they are trying to sell today (or one they want to sell tomorrow). That […]

Recovering from Outsourcing – A CIO’s Tale

Canadian Pacific CIO

This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. In my last post titled Driving transformation with IT starts with transforming IT, I pointed out a nice video on the Enterprise CIO Forum of Canadian Pacific’s CIO Heather Campbell titled describing her work of transforms the Canadian Pacific IT function by focusing on the needs of the business (among other […]

Driving transformation with IT starts with transforming IT


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I was just perusing the Enterprise CIO Forum and noticed the video of Canadian Pacific’s CIO Heather Campbell titled Canadian Pacific CIO transforms IT function.  In the video, the CIO describes the transformation if the Canadian Pacific IT group and their long road from an ‘under-performing’ group that was […]

IT Projects – doomed from the start?


I just ran across an interesting research report titled “Doomed from the Start? Why a majority of business and IT teams anticipate their software development projects will fail” The report provides the results of a survey completed by 596 IT and Business executives with the majority of respondents being IT professionals (476 out of 596 […]