Managing BYOD with Policies in the Midsized Firm


There’s been much discussion of the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) over the last few years. While the topic has been written about by many bloggers and authors, there’s been very little discussion about BYOD in the small and midsize business space. Many large organizations have the ability to deploy large and complex […]

Stop Talking, Start Listening – Tips for Vendors and Consultants


We’ve all been there. Sitting in a meeting listening to a vendor pitch their solution. They bring a team in to your organization and spend a few hours doing a song and dance about how their solution and team is the best partner for you in the long term. This vendor explains to you how […]

IBM versus Amazon – The Cloud War?


I just read Why IBM Will Win the War With Amazon Web Services over on and felt the need to publish my own thoughts. In that article, the author writes the following regarding the IBM vs Amazon war: IBM is gearing up for war. Since Amazon is mucking around in IBM’s space, the folks […]

Dark Data & The Data Disconnect

Dark Data

I ran across a blog the other data that used the term “dark data” when describing an organization’s data that is collected during standard business activities that never really gets used for any purpose other than its original purpose.  Dark Data is that data the gets created, collected, stored but rarely revisited for any purpose […]

So you have big data…but do you have the Infrastructure to support it?


Big data is everywhere. Everyone wants to be doing big data. There’s one big data induced problem that many aren’t talking about or acknowledging.  That problem? Infrastructure. Where’s the infrastructure to support all the big data initiatives? Where’s the systems and storage to process and store all the data needed for all these ‘cool’ big […]

Cloud and Mobile – Enabling the Small Business

Sunrise over Carolina Beach

I just finished reading an article written by John Mason titled When Small Businesses Use Cloud and Mobile to Go Global” over on IBM’s Smarter Planet Blog. The article is a very good one and worth the jump to read….just remember to come back here and finish up with my post In the article, John […]

Is Your SaaS Data as Protected as You Think?


Originally published on Its All About Recovery as Is Your SaaS Data as Protected as You Think? I pride myself in the backup and recovery process I use for my home. I’m also pretty proud to call myself a geek. I have multiple computers at home with each having different functions, but all have a backup […]

The first step into the cloud


Last week, I had a conversation with a CIO of a mid-sized firm. The organization has been struggling with incorporating the cloud into their technology plans. Our conversation was centered around the cloud and, specifically, how to use the cloud to replace the aging solutions and platforms currently used by this organization. For a few […]

The Tale of the Tape


Originally published on Its All About Recovery as The Tale of the Tape. Back in my younger days, I worked in IT operations. One of the projects that consumed about a year of my life was a backup and recovery project. The project’s scope was limited but important. We were tasked with selecting a new […]

Is Your Data Really Protected?

Question mark made of puzzle pieces

Originally Published at Its All About Recovery as Is Your Data Really Protected? You’ve spent a great deal of time and money getting your SaaS application “live.” You went with SaaS as a way to take advantage of the cloud and to offload some of the operational issues around your applications. Your SaaS application is […]