Correlations – Twitter Sentiment, AAII Sentiment Survey and the S&P 500 Index


This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment I just finished presenting a paper titled Bulls, Bears…and Birds? Studying the Correlation between Twitter Sentiment and the S&P 500 Index at the Business Intelligence Congress 3 in Orlando Florida.  Once the paper is formally published, I’ll share a link to the PDF.  Oh….and the paper won best Research […]

The Innovative CIO


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Joel Dobbs published a great piece titled The Entrepreneurial CIO: Putting Innovation to Work over on the Enterprise CIO Forum. In the article, Joel points out some excellent ideas for CIO’s to use to start pushing innovation within the IT group. In the article Joel provides some great suggestions on building innovation IT […]

Revisiting the Marketing Technology Office


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. My post last week titled A Marketing Technology Office…the next fad? got some interesting feedback via email and my contact form….funny that these same people didn’t leave a comment on the blog for the whole world to see. Rather than respond in private to those emails, I’ll respond […]

A Marketing Technology Office…The next fad?


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. John Dodge posted a video over on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled “Enter the chief marketing technology officer” that highlights the importance of the role of ‘marketing technology’…and more importantly the role of the marketing technologist. In the video John points to recent stories, discussions and ideas floating around the CIO world about how […]

Hiring the modern IT Security Professional


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. I just finished reading Rafal Los’ piece on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled Hiring information security talent a challenge. Its a good piece that highlights the difficulty of hiring quality IT profiessionals int he security space.  In the article, Rafal highlights two key areas that he argues are causing the challenges…they are: […]

The CIO Paradox by Martha Heller – a book review

CIO Paradox book cover 3D

Note: I received a reveiw copy of The CIO Paradox.  The review below made up of PR material provided to me as well as my reading of the book. Martha Heller was kind enough to reach out to me to offer me an advance copy of her new book titled “The CIO Paradox: Battling the […]

Staying flexible in a complex world


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Complex can be good. Processes can be complex and still work just fine. Complex is often the answer. But staying flexible in a complex world is one of the toughest things a CIO and IT Professional can do. Enterprise Security is complex…as it should be.  Take a look […]

More on Education for Enterprise Security


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. In my last post, Education – the key for Enterprise Security, I wrote about the need to educate the organization on the need to think about IT Security. In that post, I included a photo of a door. A door that had no walls around it. That door with […]

Education – the key for Enterprise Security


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. You’ve spent years and millions of dollars on your IT Security systems, processes and people. Your systems are as impenetrable as you, your team and your partners can make them. Your processes are amazing.  They follow all the industry standards and your audits always come back 100% ‘secure’. […]

Can Twitter Sentiment be used to generate buy / sell signals?


This is a cross-post from Before we get started…its VERY easy to look back and say “yes…that would have been a buy signal”.  If the market worked with hindsight, we’d all be millionaires. For this approach, I’m going to use the thought that the masses are ‘wrong’.  That is…when Sentiment gets extremely bearish or […]