Using Twitter Sentiment for Intraday Signals


This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment. Originally published as Using Twitter Sentiment for Intraday Signals. While most of my research on Twitter Sentiment has been for use on larger time-frames (Daily, Weekly, etc), I’ve been very curious about using sentiment for intraday signals. I finally found some time to hack together a script that would look […]

Is Big Data too big for small business?


Big Data.  Two small words with huge meaning. Do a search for “big data” on Google and you’ll find over 23 million results. Do a book search on amazon for ‘big data’ (affiliate link) and you’ll get over 5,000 results (I’m actually surprised the number is that low). Big Data has a few different connotations.   There are […]

Finding ‘the’ system


How long have you been looking for that ‘perfect’ system? You know….the project management ‘system’ that will be your savior. Or the governance process that will ensure that your IT group is running ‘right’. Or that Social Media approach that will make your marketing efforts ‘perfect’. Or…perhaps that perfect system that will make you money […]

The one in which I meet a scorpion

2009-08-05 Crooked Trees with Steve and Mel 008

I love the motto “fail fast, fail often”. Its been the driver behind a lot of what I’ve done in my life. There’s been many times that I’ve failed quickly to then turn right around and start again. But…what do you do after you’ve failed just one too many times?   That last failure that just destroys […]

CIO’s – will 2013 be different?


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. It’s a new year and time for review of 2012.  This coming year is an important one for anyone, but especially for IT and the CIO. In 2012, we’ve seen many more people talking about ‘change’ and having more involvement in owning technology from non-IT pieces of the […]

Comparing Sentiment Extreme Entries with Random Entries – Multiple Symbols


This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment In my post titled Correlations – Twitter Sentiment, AAII Sentiment Survey and the S&P 500 Index I mentioned the following: Using my training data set and the Python Natural Language Toolkit’s Naive Bayesian Classification methods and performing statistical correlations using the Pearson Correlation method, there is virtually no correlation between the overall […]

Correlations – Twitter Sentiment, AAII Sentiment Survey and the S&P 500 Index


This is a cross-post from Trade The Sentiment I just finished presenting a paper titled Bulls, Bears…and Birds? Studying the Correlation between Twitter Sentiment and the S&P 500 Index at the Business Intelligence Congress 3 in Orlando Florida.  Once the paper is formally published, I’ll share a link to the PDF.  Oh….and the paper won best Research […]

The Innovative CIO


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. Joel Dobbs published a great piece titled The Entrepreneurial CIO: Putting Innovation to Work over on the Enterprise CIO Forum. In the article, Joel points out some excellent ideas for CIO’s to use to start pushing innovation within the IT group. In the article Joel provides some great suggestions on building innovation IT […]

Revisiting the Marketing Technology Office


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. My post last week titled A Marketing Technology Office…the next fad? got some interesting feedback via email and my contact form….funny that these same people didn’t leave a comment on the blog for the whole world to see. Rather than respond in private to those emails, I’ll respond […]

A Marketing Technology Office…The next fad?


This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP. John Dodge posted a video over on the Enterprise CIO Forum titled “Enter the chief marketing technology officer” that highlights the importance of the role of ‘marketing technology’…and more importantly the role of the marketing technologist. In the video John points to recent stories, discussions and ideas floating around the CIO world about how […]