Business Dev: Small actions = big consequences

While out at dinner one evening this week I happened to be following a large SUV with an advertisement for a local insurance agent painted on it. I’d seen the SUV around town and had thought about calling to get a quote since my insurance was coming up for renewal…looks like their marketing strategy might […]

Simplenomics: Carl Hubbell teachs a salesman to sell

I’d like to point out Mike Sigers’ post titled “Can a Salesman Learn to Pitch?” on his Simplenomics blog. In this post, Mike recounts a story of a salesman who learned how to sell by studying baseball great Carl Hubbell, the inventor of the screwball. The main reason for my wanting to point this post […]

Are RFP’s evil?

According to a few blogs I ran across today, RFP’s are evil. Read these posts here RFP’s are Evil – From Brains on Fire Blog RFP’s are Still Evil – From Brains on Fire Blog The Dirty Little Secrets about Proposals – From Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix The three articles above are written by some […]

Finding the Ideal Client

Everyone wants to work with the ideal client, but how many consultants and entrepreneurs out there can afford the luxury of holding out for this mythical ideal client? Read on. Anne-Marie Nichols at The Write Spot has an interesting post titled “Identifying your ideal client” that I found interesting. In the article, Anne-Marie discusses how […]