Links for March 23 2014

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Midwest IT Survival » Evolution of Corporate IT and the Future Impact of Cloud Quote: All in all, corporate IT is in constant evolution. The rate of evolution appears on all counts to be accelerating with no signs of any slowdown in the future. Anyone who isn’t prepared to have to constantly re-invent themselves should […]

Big Data Starts with Data Management


Over on the Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality blog, Jim Harris recently wrote:  While organizations of all sizes are rightfully excited about the business potential of using big data, this excitement needs to be balanced by acknowledging the business risks associated with not governing the ways big data is used. Well said. Many organizations have been caught […]

Don’t Chase Big Data

Word Cloud "Big Data"

Last week I noticed this little gem over on Gartner highlights that only 8% of enterprises have actually deployed big data projects despite 64% declaring their intention to do so. That’s a big statistic. Think about it. Out of all the hype and discussions about big data, less than 10% of enterprises have actually […]

Two examples of data helping SMB’s


We often read anecdotal evidence of how companies and consultants are using big data to solve ‘big’ problems but it is rare that we see real world examples of the use of analytics and data to solve real-world business problems for small and midsized businesses. IBM recently reported on two examples of SMB’s using big […]

The First Step into Big Data


In “Incorporating Big Data into your Business”, I wrote: Big data is worth investigating and incorporating into your businesses. You may not be able to use all approaches or technologies – and maybe you don’t need them all – but taking time to understand the principles behind big data will help you use the data […]

Incorporating Big Data into Your Business


I read a lot of articles and blogs about big data. There are a lot of people singing the praises of big data and a lot of folks trying to sell services and platforms for helping with big data. I’ve done my share of praising myself but I’ve also tried to be realistic in my […]

Big Data Doesn’t Require Big Systems


I’ve written many times about big data and the benefits and challenges that come along with attempting to ‘do’ big data. The one thing I haven’t said much of is how easy it is to ‘do’ big data. It really is fairly straightforward and inexpensive to get started in the big data realm. Before I […]

You are doing big data, but do you have the storage space for it?


Big data is everywhere these days. Everyone’s talking about using data to make better decisions. According to most, big data is the answer to everything (although I’ve argued that big data isn’t the answer). Many organizations from large to small are trying to find ways to collect and analyze data to make business decisions. Additionally, […]

Big Data Simplified


Over the past few months, I’ve heard and/or read the following statements from consultants: Big data is complex. Big data is complicated. Big data is the future. While I would generally agree with those statements, I would also argue they are used as ‘scare’ tactics to try to drive business to consultants and big data […]

Big Data as described by IBM VP Paul Zikopoulos


I just finished reading Big Data for Small and Medium Businesses on IBM’s Forward View. In the article, IBM VP Paul Zikopoulos talks about big data and its importance to the small and medium business today. Paul describes big data thusly: I want to start out by noting that big data isn’t only about the […]