Before Jumping into Big Data, Know Where and How You’re Jumping


The world of big data has been growing over the last few years. Everywhere you look today you see people talking about big data and discussing how their organization is doing (or planning to do) big data. While I’m all for organizations adopting big data and rolling out big data initiatives, I tend to cringe […]

Links for June 29 2014

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This Transformation Feels Different. Disruptively So. Quote:The drawing board for all of these newly created disruptors isn’t a better retail store or a cheaper factory. The drawing board for these mentioned disruptors comprises of data in an excel sheet and a code editor.  This is the new battleground that the digitally savvy C-Suite is quickly […]

Foto Friday – A Poppy

A Poppy

I captured this poppy at a local park earlier this year with a Canon 7D and Canon 300mm f4 IS. Just goes to show you can use telephoto lenses for more than birding and wildlife.

Links for June 22 2014

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Cloud security is not an oxymoron Quote: I get it: there is a lot of data that can’t move to the cloud, not because IT managers don’t understand the issues, but because they need to comply with regulations that were designed before we understood the scope of our security problems. If you’re in one of […]

Foto Friday – Carolina Chickadee on the Feeder


Captured this Carolina Chickadee on our deck feeder.

Finding Value in Data


If you ask 100 people to define the value that data brings an organization, you’ll most likely get 150 different answers. Yes…that’s right…150 answers. You’ll hear a few good succinct responses but most will give you a few different answers with examples of how their organization ‘uses’ data. There’s a problem with that response though. […]

Links for June 15 2014

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Fulltime IT hiring is in; CIOs who can’t manage change are on the way out Quote: What does this mean for CIOs? According to Lane, the most important trait to demonstrate to the business today is that you can manage the enterprise transition from legacy systems to technologies like the cloud and mobile. And if […]

Foto Friday – Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

Captured this Tufted Titmouse  on our deck feeder. Captured with Canon 7D and Canon 400 mm 5.6 L handheld.

Links for June 8 2014

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A social media contrarian speaks out on the limited value of tweet analytics Quote: Tools are becoming more powerful and easier to use, so we have that. Where there’s a shortage is of people who are good at analyzing the data. One of the things I’ve championed for is that the consumer insights/market research folks […]

Foto Friday – Woodpecker on Feeder


I captured this Woodpecker on our deck feeder. Shutter speed was way to low (1/200) for this particular shot but the outcome turned out OK.