Real World Mobility – Filling the Gaps


Sponsored by Dimension Data. I just finished reading through the Dimension Data Secure Enterprise Mobility Report.The report is a nice report on how modern organizations are thinking about and approaching strategic planning with mobility, BYOD and security in mind. A few highlights of the report where 1,622 IT decision makers were surveyed: 27% said they […]

Don’t Chase Big Data

Word Cloud "Big Data"

Last week I noticed this little gem over on Gartner highlights that only 8% of enterprises have actually deployed big data projects despite 64% declaring their intention to do so. That’s a big statistic. Think about it. Out of all the hype and discussions about big data, less than 10% of enterprises have actually […]

Links for Sunday Feb 23 2014

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What’s Your Story? Quote: Taking our corporate strategy, translating it into traceable, optimizable metrics, and using our data and models in a disciplined and iterative manner will allow us to be the best possible company we can be IT Language Lessons « The Dark Side Geek Quote: So what is the “common language”? The answer […]

Incorporating Mobility into your Technology Strategy


Sponsored by Dimension Data. In Thinking about Robust Strategies for BYOD and Mobile, I wrote:  A robust strategy for BYOD and mobility requires a re-thinking of the entire enterprise strategy. While re-thinking doesn’t equate to re-working, it does mean a complete end-to-end revisit of the enterprise strategy to ensure BYOD and mobile devices are well […]

Foto Friday – Carolina Wren


Captured this Carolina Wren on our back porch hanging out in a hanging lantern. Captured through a glass door with a Canon 7D and Canon 400mm 5.6 L.

Two examples of data helping SMB’s


We often read anecdotal evidence of how companies and consultants are using big data to solve ‘big’ problems but it is rare that we see real world examples of the use of analytics and data to solve real-world business problems for small and midsized businesses. IBM recently reported on two examples of SMB’s using big […]

Links for Feb 16 2014

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Innovate on Purpose: People are our most important asset Quote: Innovation is vitally, critically dependent on good people who are passionate about innovation and fully engaged and committed. Note the adjectives: passionate, engaged, committed. It can be difficult to find passionate, engaged and committed people for any activity, much less one that is unusual, fraught […]

Flexibility as a Feature


While working technology selection projects, one feature that I like to look at is flexibility. In the past, flexibility wasn’t exactly a feature that was touted by many vendors, but in recent years, we’ve seen more folks highlight their solutions as  being flexible, customizable and able to do multiple functions for a business. Flexibility – […]

Links for Sunday Feb 9 2014

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Ford’s data scientist: Keep all the data and sort it out later — Tech News and Analysis Quote: Ford Data Scientist Mike Cavaretta, talks about just how important all that social media output along with machine data could be to drive (ha!) the design and production of better cars. Oh, and sell more of them. […]

Links for Sunday Feb 2 2014

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Can Do vs. Can’t Do Cultures – Ben’s Blog Quote: Who does the Can’t Do Culture hurt the most? Ironically, it hurts the haters. The people who focus on what’s wrong with an idea or a company will be the ones too fearful to try something that other people find stupid. They will be too […]